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Lars Hemel
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Shark Point is a remote and rough dive site where reef sharks, nurse sharks, hammerheads and tiger sharks are common.

Name Dive Site:Shark Point
Depth: 49-88ft (15-27m)
Inserted/Added by: lighthouse_reef

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Located at the eastern end of the windward northern reefs, Shark Point is one of the more remote dive sites on Glover's. Heavy seas generally pound this exposed stretch of reef, making it a difficult site.

Distance and weather play a major role in determining if you can dive. The nearest resort equipped with day boats is nearly nine miles away from Shark Point. Even if divers are willing to make the hour-long trip to get there, prolonged periods of excessive boat roll can make for an unsettling experience. Heavy seas create extreme boat motion and increase the risk of injury to divers exiting the water on day boats or live-aboards. Experienced divers may visit this site using Zodiacs launched from a larger vessel anchored inside the lagoon. These small rubberized crafts can quickly and safely transport divers to and from the reef, in fair weather.

When weather and sea conditions allow access to the reef point, the diving is sensational. A wide variety of sharks, seen almost always on these reefs, offer a unique and exhilarating experience. Nurse, blacktip, hammerhead and tiger sharks can all be seen together here on the sloping white sand channels and coral hills. Why they are attracted to this part of the reef is uncertain, but it may be because this exposed point is one of the premier spawning grounds for groupers and other fish.

Huge, lens-shaped reefs are sculptured by the constant pounding of heavy seas on the gently sloping point down to a depth of 90 ft. Below 20 ft, they are made up of a mixed collection of small living coral colonies and stacks of coral debris. Riddled with holes and spread across a reef more than one mile wide, the coral mounds contain millions of hiding places for a dazzling array of tropical fish.

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Green Parrot Beach Houses and Resort

Green Parrot Beach Houses and ...
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Green Parrot Resort is a small resort located in southern Belize. We have 8 cabanas, restaurant, and bar. We provide a great location for diving the worlds second longest barrier reef. The area is also popular for whale shark dives.

We have been in Belize for 15 years. We have worked with most of the dive companies in the Placencia area and we will make sure that you get connected with the type of company that will best suit your diving needs. We also arrange fishing tours. We have our own bar and restaurant to serve you after dive needs.

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