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Long Caye Wall:
Glover's most phenomenal wall dive is Long Caye Wall dropping from thirty feet to the ocean depths below.


Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Belize.

Great Blue Hole

Rated 4.6, 29 votes

The Blue Hole is a sunken underwater cave of approximately one thousand feet wide and three hundred feet deep, located in the center of Lighthouse Reef. From out of the air you have spectacular views of this geological phenomenon. Theories of a meteorite that struck Lighthouse Reef millions of years ago and leaving this huge crater behind are not true. It was formed in one of our ice ages when the land was lowered enough to expose lighthouse reef. Sweet water created holes and cracks in the lime...

Flats Wall

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Right in the middle of Eastern Dip there is a little- known cut through the reef crest. No more than 15 feet (5 m) wide, it is an entrance to be used only by those who know the area well. Below this cut is a curious dive site known as Flats Wall. From the reef crest the bedrock slopes gently and consistently away to a depth of 45 to 50 feet (14-15 m) at the top of the drop-off. This bedrock is covered in conch grass. One assumes from the name that the conch feed on this grass as well as sea gra...

Half Moon Caye Wall

Rated 4.1, 8 votes

Half Moon Caye Wall is one of the most popular dive sites in Belize. Sitting just south of Half Moon Caye, diving here is often combined with a short lunch break and red-footed booby bird expedition on shore. Half Moon Caye Natural Monument is about forty acres large open to tourists all year long and famous for its booby colony, frigate birds and many iguanas. There is a short trail that ends at one of the lookouts above the tree line from where you can see the thousands of nests. Most tourist ...


Rated 4.5, 2 votes

The dive site Elbow is better as a drift dive since there is a lot of current on the southern tip of the atoll. Lookout for schooling permit, horse eye jacks, atlantic spadefish, cubera snapper, dog snapper, blach grouper, creole wrasse, herring and scad....

Shark-Ray Alley

Rated 3.7, 6 votes

Shark Ray Alley is one of the new dive sites of Ambergris Caye, recently connected as zone 4 to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. It is an area that was used by fishermen to clean their catch of the day. All the leftovers and inner body parts landed in the water which attracted many southern stingrays and nurse sharks. Today, black shapes will appear in the water as soon as you arrive by boat. The area is used for snorkelers and divers being entertained by dive masters while they are feeding the rays...


Rated 4.0, 2 votes

Off the northwestern corner of Long Caye, the main reef trend turns abruptly to the east. In doing so, it forms a major point and begins a significant change in reef topography. Well-defined, long coral ridges and sandy canyons run perpendicular to the reef line here and farther eastward. These begin shallow, extending seaward to 60 ft or more below the surface. Like Silver Caves, the coral ridges have many holes and grottos, providing a haven for all kinds of invertebrate and fish life. Moderat...


Rated 4.0, 1 votes

The Arena is a dive site on the Barrier Reef off Sergeant's Caye. This dive site consists of spur and groove formation that lead to a wall starting at 25 feet to a sandy slope at 100 feet. Varieties of tropical reef fish are excellent for beginner and advanced divers. Spectacular night dives team with large eye toad fish....

Black Coral Wall, Terrace

Rated 3.7, 3 votes

Few operators call this site Black Coral Wall. The proper name is The Terrace on Northwest Turneffe. Top of the wall is 35' falling at a ledge at 124' followed by another ledge at 160' and another one at 194' creating the terrace formation. The first wall has a slight overhang, like a collapsed cavern. It is dark and covered mostly in bush black coral....

Hol Chan Cut

Rated 3.7, 3 votes

A shallow dive, the Hol Chan Cut is abound with life. Expect to see large Tarpon and maybe even a couple of fiesty Green Sea Turtles lingering in the sandy area of the cut. From the boat mooring, you will enter the water and descend - quite slowly - down to about 30 foot (max depth). From that depth you will circle the cut on one side then come back on the other. You can bet on seeing a large school of fish hanging about on the right wall. ...


Rated 3.7, 3 votes

Most visitors to Belize don't even know the town Dangriga seventy miles south of Belize City, while it is a starting point to some of the best diving Belize has to offer. Dangriga is a small coastal town of mainly Garifuna people of African and American-Indian ancestry. It is famous for their unique arts, gift items and Punta-rock live bands playing in local bars. November 19th or Garifuna Settlement Day, is a great day to be here as hundreds of Garifuna people settled here back in 1823 comi...