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  1. Hol Chan Cut : Hol Chan Cut
  2. Punta Arena Canyons, Small Cut : Punta Arena Canyons offers a seventy foot long and ten foot wide one way tunnel adorned in red algae.
  3. Rocky Point : Rocky Point is the most eastern point of Ambergris Caye offering many large hunting fish such as tarpon.
  4. Shark-Ray Alley : Shark Ray Alley used to be a fisherman's cleaning station which has attracted hundreds of southern stingrays and nurse sharks.
  1. Arena : Diving at dive site Arena just off the barrier reef off Sergeant's Caye.
  2. South Gallows Point : South Gallows Point
  3. Spanish Bay Wall : Diving at dive site Spanish Bay Wall.
  4. Trap Door : Trap Door
  5. Wreck Barrier Reef : Wreck Barrier Reef
  1. Black Coral Wall, Terrace : Black Coral Wall, Terrace
  2. Chazbo's Corner : Diving at dive site Chazbo's Corner.
  3. Crickozeen Cut : Diving at dive site Crickozeen Cut.
  4. Elbow : Elbow
  5. Mandy's Dandy : Diving at dive site Mandy's Dandy.
  6. Sayonara : The Sayonara was a small freight and passenger ferry that was scuttled in 1985 to create one of Belize's few wreck dive sites.
  1. Bangor Galley : The Bangor Galley is one of the few discovered wrecks at Lighthouse Reef after it stranded on the shallow cayes and reefs.
  2. Corner :
  3. Eagle Ray Wall : Eagle Ray Wall is a great wall dive with brilliant coral and marine mammals and with luck some spotted eagle rays out in the blue.
  4. Eagle Reef :
  5. Flats Wall :
  6. Gorgonian Forrest : Coral outcrops overgrown in Gorgonian forests and swarmed in fish in the brightest colors.
  7. Great Blue Hole : The Blue Hole is a submerged collapsed underwater cave with spectacular stalactites and diving amongst bull sharks.
  8. Half Moon Caye Wall : Half Moon Caye Wall is diving at a steep drop-off just south of the cay with spectacular marine life.
  9. Harrier Wreck : The Harrier Wreck is a small shipwreck named after the RAF airplane that used the ship for bombing practises.
  10. Hat Caye Drop-off : Hat Caye Drop-off is one of the most southern dive sites regularly visited by dive boats in Lighthouse Reef.
  11. Hogfish Cut :
  12. Long Caye : The west wall of Long Caye is famous to all divers in the world for its steep and healthy sections of coral.
    1. Aquarium : Aquarium is a sheer drop-off with a wide abundance of fish life and varied invertebrate life on the reef's top.
    2. Cathedral Reef : Cathedral Reef makes up its name as you will find coral spires and towers rising up from the ocean floor.
    3. Long Caye Ridge : Long Caye Ridge is another spectacular wall dive off the western side of Long Caye where large aquatic life is not absent.
    4. Nurse Shark Lodge : Nurse Shark Lodge is named after the many caverns that are considered to be the shark's sleeping lodge.
    5. Quebrada : Quebrada or Breaking Reef is a wide sandy ravine that breaks Long Caye wall in two parts.
    6. Silver Caves : Silver Caves is a series of caverns, grottoes, swimthroughs and caves literally filled with silversides and other baitfish.
    7. Tres Cocos, No Cocos : Tres Cocos or No Cocos is named after a set of coconut trees which can be spotted on mainland Long Caye.
  13. Manta Wall :
  14. Playground : Dive the Playground and you will find fish wherever you go.
  15. Southwest Cut : Southwest Cut offers wall diving together with larger fish watching critters doing their thing on the coral reef.
  16. Tarpon Wall :
  17. Tres Cabeza : While scuba diving at Tres Cabeza or Three Heads you will find three massive coral heads.
  18. V's :
  19. West Point 1 and 2 : West Point 1 and 2 are two fantastic dive sites, hard to reach but full of marine life and healthy coral formations.
  20. Zoo :
    1. Baking Swash Reef : Baking Swash Reef is the only cut in the western reef deep enough for boats to exit the central lagoon, making it a dangerous channel.
    2. Crack : A vertical 15 meter long chimney like cave in the reef system forms this spectacular dive site called the Crack.
    3. Emerald Forest : Emerald Forest Reef is named after the many huge pieces of elkhorn coral that are found in its shallow waters.
    4. Grouper Flats : Grouper Flats is another reef series of different depths known for the numerous Tiger groupers and Nassau groupers that live here.
    5. Long Caye Wall : Glover's most phenomenal wall dive is Long Caye Wall dropping from thirty feet to the ocean depths below.
    6. Middle Caye Wall : Middle Caye Reefs offers an oasis of colors and marine life, diving among fish seeing the best coral formations while doing so.
    7. Shark Point : Shark Point is a remote and rough dive site where reef sharks, nurse sharks, hammerheads and tiger sharks are common.
    8. Southwest Caye Wall : Southwest Caye Wall is one of the most southern dive sites on Glover Reef offering dramatic drop-offs and loads of marine life.
    9. Split Reefs : Split Reefs is diving at two similar reef systems both at different depths separated by a narrow sandy channel.