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Diving at dive site Zoo

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The Zoo is so named because of the tremendous variety of fish in a single spot. All the common reef fishes are not only here, and in good numbers, they are each a splendid example of the species. Along the ledge above the reef wall, the corals are arranged in tidy little combinations, each being attractive to a particular species. Sergeant major damselfish will occupy one coral head with the blue chromis firmly inhabiting another. Below them the longspine squirrelfish and rock beauty seek refuge in the large holes. All around while scuba diving, French angelfish, gray angelfish, banded butterflyfish and four-eye butterflyfish flit from coral head to coral head-always in pairs. The very edge of the reef is at 30 feet (10 m) and below this, the wall is as equally exciting in terms of fish life.

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