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Long Caye Ridge is another spectacular wall dive off the western side of Long Caye where large aquatic life is not absent.

Name Dive Site:Long Caye Ridge
Depth: 39-137ft (12-42m)
Inserted/Added by: lighthouse_reef

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Long Caye Ridge is the third in a series of excellent walls and shallow reefs off the western side of Long Caye. It gets its name from a protruding ridge of reefs that form a small promontory just north of Tres Cocos. Spur-and-groove formations are well defined here on the bottom, leading to the wall and a drop-off of major proportions. The grooves run perpendicular to the wall and feed directly into the open sea.

The sponges, coral and fish here are similar to those seen on Hat Caye Drop-off. Near the drop-off and all along the wall are many large and colorful sponges and delicate gorgonians. Beneath the canopy of soft coral, tube and vase sponges are fresh growths of boulder, yellow pencil and finger corals. Deep parts of the wall are shingled with large plates of sheet and sunray coral, along with wire coral and small feather black coral trees. Look among the coral recesses for spotted filefish, arrow blennies, crabs, and lobsters. Threespot and dusky damselfish will charge you if you get too close to their algal gardens along the reef top. This is another stop along the Long Caye wall where your searching will reward you with some great photographic subjects.


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