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Placencia is a more remote, quiet and romantic dive location known for its excellent summer whale watching tours of Gladden Spit, the reef's edge.

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The Placencia peninsula at the border of Stann Creek and Toledo provinces is the most southern town that diving tourists regularly visit. Together with Seine Bight and Riversdale they make up a location known to be more romantic, quieter and housing more intimate beachfront inns. The coastline north of Placencia all the way up to Dangriga, offers fields of citrus fruits and beaches with green palm trees. South of the peninsula is famous for its cultural Mayan villages and trips to Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun ruins. Toledo province was where Mopan Maya and Kekchi Maya spread first on their migration northwards. Up till today you will find different communities in Punta Gorda and all the small fishing villages along the coast and inland to San Antonio.

The many island just offshore Placencia are very scenic and laid-back offering exceptional beaching, azul blue swimming waters and pristine snorkeling. Shore, land and water birds, tropical orchids, crocodiles and the nation's national animal the Baird's tapir or mountain cow are some of Belize's wildlife and environments. Laughing Bird Caye is an open-ocean atoll enclosing a lagoon which is often referred to as faro reef. There are only a few faro reef systems in the world making this one in Belize extra famous. There are trips to South Water Caye Marine Reserve, to the phenomenal canyon and wall dives near Gladden Split and to some exceptional diving at Sapodilla Cayes. In the months April to June, the reef's edge is where many tours will locate the many whale sharks here attracted by spawning snapper. These magically creatures can be over fifty feet long and weigh more than fifteen tons, eating plankton, baitfish and squid. You can visit the howler monkey habitat at Monkey River Reserve, keep your eyes open for jaguars at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Preserve and catch large game fish at one of the many fishing tours. Palencia is known as the permit capital in the world. It is a great location with several entertaining attractions with scuba diving certainly being one of them.

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- Ocean Pro Placencia, Laru Beya Marina, Placencia Peninsula

Ocean Pro Placencia

(501) 523 34 84
(501) 523 34 83
 Laru Beya Marina
Placencia Peninsula

We are a full service dive shop in Placencia, Belize. Let us be your one stop shop for all sea and leisure related activities ( diving, snorkling, fishing, kayaking and inland adventure tours) Our experienced intrsuctors teach all level from beginner to professional.

- Robert's Grove Beach Resort, Placencia, Placencia

Robert's Grove Beach Resort

Robert's Grove Dive Centre

Robert's Grove Beach Resort is the only 5 star beach resort in Placencia, in existence since 1990. Were the only Dive Center in Placencia that use both Air and Nitrox with certified and licensed PADI Dive Crew. We have three dive boats for the convenience of guest DORADO a PRO 48 ft dive boat, LA RISA 38 ft and Dive Boat 1 a 30ft Dive boat. All our dive sight are within 30 to 45 min away from shore with Laughing Bird Caye being the nearest and Silk, Pompion and Ranguana right on the pristine barrier reef of Belize.

Hotel Rooms, Condominum, Lobby, PADI Dive Center, 2-Restaurant, Gym, Tennis Cout, Conference Room, Gas Station.


- Green Parrot Beach Houses and Resort, No. 1 Maya Beach, Placencia

Green Parrot Beach Houses and Resort

Green Parrot Beach Houses and ...
 No. 1 Maya Beach

Green Parrot Resort is a small resort located in southern Belize. We have 8 cabanas, restaurant, and bar. We provide a great location for diving the worlds second longest barrier reef. The area is also popular for whale shark dives.

We have been in Belize for 15 years. We have worked with most of the dive companies in the Placencia area and we will make sure that you get connected with the type of company that will best suit your diving needs. We also arrange fishing tours. We have our own bar and restaurant to serve you after dive needs.
- Paradise Resort, Placencia Village, Placencia, Belize, C.A.

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort
011 (501) 523-3179
011 (501) 523-3256
 Placencia Village
Placencia, Belize, C.A.

Paradise Vacation Hotel was established in 1984 and has just gone an extensive renovation. All our rooms are air conditioned and have private bathes. We are located on the harbor side at the southern end of the Placencia peninsula.

We offer a selection of 12 rooms or a two bedroom condo. All rooms are now air conditioned, have private bathes and have just been redecorated. This makes us one of the few ocean front air conditioned hotels located in downtown Placencia. We are small enough to give you individual service, but large enough to offer you all the conveniences that you might want.

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